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Posted at 10:04 on 2012-Dec-6 in Animeporn
Safe sex

The scan results revealed that the high-intensity erotic video — and only the high-intensity erotic video — resulted in far less blood being sent to the primary visual cortex. The region is still active, just much less so. Usually, that effect is only seen when people are asked to conduct a nonvisual task, like remembering words, while also watching some sort of visual stimuli.

To Holstege, those results suggest that the brain is focusing on sexual arousal as more important than visual processing during these erotic films.

"You have to realize that the brain wants to spare as much
energy as possible, so if some part of the brain is not necessary at a high level of functioning, it immediately goes down," Holstege said.

The findings have implications for sexual dysfunction, Holstege said, as they paint a picture of the brain in which safety is paramount and anxiety is a libido-killer.

"If you want to have sex, as a man, you need to produce a safe situation for the woman," Holstege said. "That is what you want, that is the most important thing."

Holstege reported his results online April 10 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.
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